• Truck-Mounted Pressure Cleaners up to 7,250 psi - 200 Degree Water - up to 12 gpm.
  • On-Board Vacuum Recovery & Water Filtration makes a "Closed Loop System" Therefore Eliminating Run-Off & Reduces Water Consumption by up to 80%.
  • Dirty Water Capture, Filtration & Recycling Keeps our Clients in Full Compliance with the Federal EPA, State & Municipal Codes.
  • Advanced "BioStrip" Process for Pavers, Brick, Concrete and Natural Stone.Old Sealer Removal, Steam Cleaning and Re-Sealing with "Natural" or "Enhanced" Finishes.
  • Parking Garage Degreasing,  Stain Removal, Steam Cleaning, Bumper Replacement and Line Striping.
  • All Solvents, Degreasers, Sealers and Brightening Agents are Non-Toxic & Bio-Degradable.
  • Single, Weekly, Monthly & Annual Maintenance Programs Available.
  • $1 mil+ Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation.
  • Competitive Rates with Professional Service.
  • Excellent References


Pressure Cleaning Miami Pressure Cleaning Miami Pressure Cleaning Miami Pressure Cleaning Miami Pressure Cleaning Miami

Scrubbers is the ONLY Commercial Cleaning Service in the State of Florida with an EXEMPTION from Permitting Requirements (click to view) - Due to our Proprietary Closed-Loop Recycling System (click to see exemption)

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According to Florida Administrative Code - It is ILLEGAL to allow any waste water from Pressure Cleaning of Sidewalks, Driveways, Parking Facilities or Building Exteriors to flow into the Storm Drain.

after            before

before           after

High Pressure - High Temperature - Vacuum Recovery - Waste Water Filtration


Home Owner Associations - Shopping Centers - Parking Garages - Hotels/Resorts -

Municipal - Restaurants - Condominiums - Apartments  - Country Clubs - Auto Dealerships